Genuine sake taste Limited rare local sake

We offer local sake, shochu, and world-class Japanese whiskey that are difficult to obtain.
The liquor that can be prepared will change depending on the stocking situation of the day, so please let us know if you have any liquor you want.

TETSU recommended and limited edition local sake

The following is an example.

This is a seasonal item, so please inquire about the grade for that day.

Depending on the number of people, we have decanter sizes of 200 ml, 400 ml, 600 ml, and 800 ml.

The product of 720 ml bottle is offered only in bottle sales.

SharakuFukushima / Purport
Ugo-No-TsukiHiroshima / Dry
IppakusuiseiAkita / Purport
HakurakuseiMiyagi / Dry
KaiunShizuoka / Dry
AramasaAkita / Dry
NabeshimaSaga / Purport
DenshuAomori / Dry
Toyo-BijinYamaguchi / Purport
ZakuMie / Purport
KokuryuFukui / Dry
SuigeiKochi / Dry
TedorigawaIshikawa / Dry
Iso-JimanShizuoka / Purport
HirokiFukushima / Purport
JikonMie / Purport
Kudoki-JouzuYamagata / Dry
JuyondaiYamagata / Purport
MurayuNiigata / Sweet

Finest limited local sake

The following is an example.

In addition, reservations are required for high class. Please ask.

KokuryuShizuku, Hiirazu, Hachijyuhachi-Go
Iso-JimanVarious Daiginjo
HirokiJunmai Daiginjo
Toyo-BijinSpecial Junmai Ginjo
Kame-No-OThree years, treasured
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An example of local sake of one day

Limited local sake It is an example of one day.

"Nanbu-Bijin" first squeezed ultra Limited 2,500 yen
"Denshu" Junmai Daiginjo 2,500 yen
"Juyondai" finest Junmai Daiginjo 3,200 yen
"Matsumoto" Ultra top Limited Edition 2,400 yen
"Kokuryu" Limited edition daiginji 2,000 yen
"Iso-Jiman", "Suikyouka" Limited Edition 2,000 yen
"Kudoki-Jyouzu" Crusher Limited 2,000 yen
"Zaku" Junmai Ginjo 1,700 yen
"Toyo-Bijin", "Ippo" 1,600 yen
"Murayu", "Kamekuchi-Tori" Purport 1,600 yen
"Jikon" Junmai Ginjo Omachi 1,700 yen
"Tedorigawa" Just a little limited item 1,500 yen
"Ugo-No-Tsuki" Junmai Ginjo Aiyama(Product name of rice) 1,400 yen
"Mutsu-Hassen" Junmai Dry 1,300 yen
"Kaiun" Special Junmai 1,300 yen
"Musou" unfiltered Junmai Ginjo 1,400 yen
"Akabu" Special Junmai 1,300 yen
"Ippaku-Suisei" Special Junmai 1,200 yen
"Hakurakusei" Special Junmai 1,200 yen
Ichiro's molt
Obuse Winery Wines
Various popular shochu such as "Sato", "Nakamura", "Moriizo"
"Aramasa" Junmai Daiginjo Various
We now have a large selection of Daiginjo such as "Jikon", "Densyu".

Authentic shochu

Other than the following, there are vintage items.

Please ask.

Finest potato

Hachiman 800 ml decanter 5,000 yen
Glass 600 yen
Nakamura 800 ml decanter 5,000 yen
Glass 650 yen
Gin-No-Hoshi 800 ml decanter 5,000 yen
Glass 650 yen
Manzen 800 ml decanter 5,000 yen
Glass 650 yen
Manzen-An 800 ml decanter 5,000 yen
Glass 650 yen
Manaduru 800 ml decanter 6,500 yen
Glass 750 yen
Tsuki-n-Naka 800 ml decanter 5,500 yen
Glass 650 yen
Maou 800 ml decanter 6,800 yen
Glass 800 yen
Hachiman Rokasezu unfiltered sake 800 ml decanter 7,000 yen
Glass 1,000 yen
Mori-Izo Glass 1,300 yen
Finest "Mori-Izo" Glass 3,100 yen
"Inishie-Hachiman" Old undiluted sake Glass 1,300 yen
"Bakudan" Hanatare Frst fraction of shochu spirit distillation Glass 1,400 yen
"Tsuki-N-Naka" Old Label Old undiluted sake Glass 1,000 yen


Naka-Naka 800 ml decanter 4,500 yen
Glass 500 yen
Kanehachi Glass 750 yen
"Kanehachi" Undiluted sake Glass 1,300 yen
Munnora Glass 1,000 yen
Hyakunen-No-Kodoku Glass 1,000 yen


"Yaba-Bijin" Glass 750 yen
"Yaba-Bijin" Ginjo No. 1 in Japan Glass 1,100 yen
"Kyudaime" more than ten years old ancient sake super limited Glass 950 yen
"Juyondai" secret sake Glass 950 yen
"Juyondai" Oni-kabuto Ranbiki oak barrel Glass 1,600 yen


Soba old sake made in Showa 58 Glass 950 yen

Brown sugar

"Suirendou" Old sake 1976 Glass 1,500 yen
"Ryugu" Bottle preparation Maran-sen Glass 1,300 yen
"Ryugu" Bottle preparation Rankan Glass 1,500 yen
"Ryugu" Bottle preparation Oak barrels Old sake Glass 1,800 yen

Awamori old sake

"Harusame" treasured unfiltered old sake Glass 1,200 yen
"Harusame" Prefecture Governor Award Glass 1,600 yen


Draft beer

SAPPORO "Shiro-Honoka"
( Domestic products and limited certified stores)
950 yen


"Iwai" Tradition 800 yen
"Iwai" Wine Cask 950 yen
"Ichiro's Malt" Malt & Glen 1,100 yen


Yuzu, Plum, Lemon 500 yen each
Kishu Nanko plum with dried plum 600 yen

Various finest plum wine

Ripe mango 700 yen
Tea liquor Earl Gray 700 yen
Old sake Kishu Nanko plum 1979 900 yen
Karin sake old sake 900 yen


Various Obuse wineries 5,000 yen 〜

Soft drink

Oolong tea, Yuzu soda, Plum soda 400 yen each
Sake Brewery Cider Season Limited 650 yen

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