"TETSU" where you can meet the real taste of the ingredients

Located near Akihabara and Kanda, the izakaya “TETSU” offers what the owner thought was delicious and delicious.
With the skills that have been refined through many years of experience, the dishes that make full use of the original taste of the ingredients are truly delicious when you try them.
Please enjoy the food and sake slowly.

Thoughts of the master

Body is made up of just what I put in my mouth.
It is natural that the food is delicious. At our restaurant, we offer not only the taste but also the desire to have a healthy meal.

Many top-tier businessmen who are active on the front lines care about their daily meals.
In order to fulfill our dreams and live happy days, we believe that staying healthy is the first priority.

As a concept, we aim to be a "minus" dish rather than an "plus" dish, and we are working hard every day to make you happy with dishes that make the most of the original taste of the ingredients.

It is natural that the food is delicious.
It is the utmost happiness to satisfy each customer and to offer healthy and delicious foods.

Food that spreads delicious

We offer a variety of materials, from rare natural fish to sashimi, grilled foods, and fried foods.

We stock seasonal ingredients, so instead of getting the ingredients from a fixed place, we only pick up the more delicious ingredients from all over the country.

Seasonal delicious vegetables and fruits, pesticides, etc. are washed with scallop powder and carefully detoxified to remove them carefully, so you can enjoy them safely and with peace of mind.

Deep liquor

We offer a variety of limited edition local sakes from all over Japan, with various tastes and fragrances.
Please carefully select the production area and grade, and enjoy the harmony that increases the taste with cooking.

We also have world-class Japanese whiskey, domestic wine, and fantastic shochu. Please check at the store for details as the brand will change depending on the stocking situation.

An izakaya where you can enjoy the finest natural fish dishes and rare local sake that people with tastes can visit

"Akihabara delicious fish and shochu. Local sake delicious one’s studies"

[Lunch (weekdays only)] 11:30 ~ 14:30 (LO14:00)
[Dinner] 17: 00-24: 00 (LO23: 00)
Closed on Sundays and public holidays

Akihabara delicious fish and shochu. Local sake Delicious one’s studies TETSU exterior