Safe and secure domestic fish dishes

Please enjoy the dishes that bring out the original taste of the ingredients, which is the season.
The ingredients and quantity that can be prepared vary depending on the stocking situation, but we also have rare ingredients,
We only buy what the shopkeeper feels good about quality.

Lunch menu

The following menu is an example.
Menu changes depending on the season and stocking.

Oversized seafood bowl all in special 2,000 yen
Local octopus, Marinade Mackerel, Natural white meat sashimi rice bowl 1,000 yen
Most popularRoasted marinated mackerel green onion tuna rice bowl 900 yen
LimitedNatural yellowtail yuzu shoyu grill 950 yen
Very popular!Oyster solt tempura rice bowl 1,300 yen
Rare parts limited Pacific bluefin tuna onion toro rice bowl 1,300 yen
Natural white meat fish solt tempura rice bowl 900 yen
Toyama white shrimp solt tempura rice bowl 1,000 yen
Japanese-made large toro mackerel miso 900 yen
The finest tuna
Oversized liver
Oversized oyster
Assorted fresh sashimi
Shirako ponzu

Dinner menu

The following menu is an example. Please check with the store for details.

The finest tuna・Camatro 3,000 yen
Finest Tuna Kama-yaki 3,500 yen to 5,500 yen depending on size
Best raw sea urchin 2,500 yen depending on size
"Seki Mackerel" and "Matsuwa mackerel" other brands special mackerel 2,000 yen ~
Various natural white meat flatfish, grouper, sea bream, flat sea bass, etc. 2,000 yen ~
Shellfish to the north, Various types such as red shell and scallop 2,000 yen ~
Local octopus such as Takeoka, Akashi, Hokkaido, Miyako 2,000 yen
Special whale lean meat  1,600 yen
Whale bacon 1,600 yen
Mogami kickshaw Kuchiko 2,500 yen to 4,500 yen
Karasumi 1,200 yen
Natural ascidian salt 800 yen
Hokkaido Kinki Extra Large Depending on service size
4,500 yen to 6,000 yen
Superb Blackthroat seaperch oversized Depending on service size
4,500 yen to 6,000 yen
Seasonal fried and tempura 1,200 yen
Homemade Satsumaage 900 yen
Discerning egg soup roll 800 yen
Finest fruit tomato 900 yen
Grilled scallop butter from Hokkaido 1,200 yen
Domestic oversized clams 1,200 yen
Delicious rare Toyama white shrimp fried 1,300 yen
Kyushu Ginkgo biloba grill 900 yen
Domestically-produced conger tempura and white ware 1,300 yen
Domestically produced duck loin 1,400 yen
Grilled red chicken thigh 1,000 yen
Liver ponzu 1,300 yen
Finest tuna tempura and green onion roast 1,500 yen
Special Hokkaido Shirako 1,400 yen
Homemade raw salmon roe 1,100 yen

An izakaya where you can enjoy the finest natural fish dishes and rare local sake that people with tastes can visit

"Akihabara delicious fish and shochu. Local sake delicious one’s studies"

[Lunch (weekdays only)] 11:30 ~ 14:30 (LO14:00)
[Dinner] 17: 00-24: 00 (LO23: 00)
Closed on Sundays and public holidays

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